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View the Euro 2016 match schedule, keep track of results, analyze match statistics and receive real-time updates, with this user-friendly application.

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iCup EURO 2016 FREE Description

Soccer fans in Europe, as well as the rest of the world, are looking forward to Euro 2016, but it can be difficult to monitor all the matches and keep track of scores when so many teams are participating.

iCup EURO 2016 FREE is a streamlined application that provides you with up-to-date information on your desktop. It displays fixtures, results, match statistics, scorers, events and formations, and is capable of updating this data in real-time.

Easy-to-use application aimed at soccer fans

Normally, you have to check various websites whenever you want to find out what happened in a certain match or analyze the fixture schedule.

iCup EURO 2016 FREE, however, offers a desktop alternative that presents this data in an intuitive manner. You can find information about a particular match in no time, and the simple layout makes the program very user-friendly.

Monitor match events and view the Euro 2016 fixture schedule

By switching between the various tabs, you can view match results, the group table, information about the 2nd stage fixtures and details about specific matches.

The fixture list can be sorted by date or by stage, and you can also search for certain teams if you want to find a particular match more easily.

When it comes to the match statistics, the application displays scorers, main events and line-ups. This information is updated in real-time, making it possible to monitor the match even if, for some reason, you cannot watch it.

Straightforward utility that can be very useful when Euro 2016 comes along

Essentially, iCup EURO 2016 FREE does not provide you with any data that is not accessible online, but the intuitive way it is organized makes it very easy to monitor matches and enables you to find the information you need in seconds.

It features a simple, well-designed interface and displays the fixture schedule, results, standings, and match details, while also providing real-time updates over the course of the competition.

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