ePay (formerly MOCA)

An application that can be used as a payment gateway, by creating QR codes that can be easily read with any mobile device (tablet or smartphone).

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ePay (formerly MOCA) Description

Merchants worldwide always do their best to make sure customers can pay for their purchases as swiftly as possible, without any inconvenience. This is why more and more stores accept credit cards along cash, and some people hope that they might soon be able to pay using their PayPal accounts.

Even if this is not a common practice (yet), business owners can still install ePay and give the new payment method a try.

A payment gateway for the latest Windows editions

The application can only be installed on computers running one of the newest operating systems from Microsoft and it also requires .NET Framework to be installed onto the host PC.

Moreover, merchants need to make sure their workstations are always connected to the Internet, both broadband and wireless connections are supported.

Since this application relies on PayPal transactions, both buyers and sellers need to have valid PayPal accounts.

A modern method for making payments

Once ePay is correctly configured, the clerk simply needs to punch in the sum and the tax value, then wait until a QR code is generated. Users who want to replace the traditional payment methods with this innovative one, also need to make sure they own a device featuring a QR scanner.

In other words, buyers need to scan the previously mentioned QR code with their iOS, Android or Windows Phone smartphones or tablets. This action creates a link that is automatically opened by the default web browser on the device where users need to fill in the required PayPal transaction details.

An app with great potential

All in all, ePay is a nifty application that could simplify the whole process of buying any items, without relying on expensive terminals.

However, there is still a long way to go until PayPal transactions become the norm in stores worldwide which would help this application reach its full potential.

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