MRAM – Manual Handling Risk Assessment Management

A risk assessment software developed for businesses to keep track of the dangers their workers might face when performing physical actions.

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MRAM – Manual Handling Risk Assessment Management Description

Work accidents are a problem for both employers and employees. While businesses receive hefty fines for disregarding hazard risks, it might prove a life and death issue for individuals. MRAM – Manual Handling Risk Assessment Management is a software designed to help workers and owners stay safe.

A comprehensive program designed for businesses

The application can run on most modern Windows operating systems, allowing you to benefit from its features regardless of the computer specifications. You must install Microsoft Access Runtime since the software cannot run without the proper dependencies.

The interface is not attractive, but it is thoroughly organized to provide efficiency and functionality. You can add risk assessments and company structure to utilize in your reports and print them for briefings.

Risk assessment tailored for manual handling of loads

The program provides ample details on the difficulties of the task, the wellbeing of workers involved, and the environment where it takes place. It also provides guidance and advice to avoid most work accidents.

All hazard analysis are saved within the application and users can utilize them for other jobs. It is a reliable tool for businesses and companies since you can print and distribute information to all involved parties.

The application is without a doubt a professional grade software as it provides multiple scenarios and various exceptions one might not take into consideration when making an assessment.

Minimize the health risks of your workers by briefing them on the possible dangers

MRAM – Manual Handling Risk Assessment Management is a powerful tool and can prevent life-threatening situations from ever occurring. It offers all the variables one might face in real-life situations, and it can be adapted to any business. It has good value for money as it offers a good amount of information at a decent price. During testing, the software did not display any errors and performed flawlessly.

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