Use advanced calculating functions like Sin, Cos and Tan using this scientific calculator that comes with straightforward features and a simple interface.

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CompactCalc Description

If you ever wanted to perform advanced mathematical operations, you probably know that the standard calculator is just not enough, since it lacks a lot of useful functions.

Of course, there is always the option of memorizing formulas, but you can also use a tool that includes many scientific functions. One of these utilities is CompactCalc, a utility with a simplistic layout.

Minimalistic interface

While this application features no actual configuration menu, you can modify some of its settings by accessing traditional drop-down menus.

If you encounter some difficulties while trying to understand this program’s features, you can toggle it to display hints, so that every time you hover your mouse pointer over an item, a brief explanation is displayed in the lower part of the window.

Various calculation functions

Despite its intuitive interface, CompactCalc encompasses trigonometric, logarithmic and algebraic functions, such as ArcTan2, LogBase10 and Sqrt, most of which you can also find in Windows Calculator.

This utility also provides you with an expression editor that you can use to chain formulas and create complex equations. While using CompactCalc’s advanced operators, you can define X’s value and use it as a fixed variable.

Resembles Windows Calculator

Just like in Windows Calculator, it is possible to toggle between radians, degrees and grads modes and also convert trigonometric functions to their corresponding hyperbolic or inverted version.

CompactCalc allows you to choose if the program displays intermediate or all-session results and provides you with printing support, so you do not lose important progress. However, it does not come with save options, which would have allowed you to back up your work in an easier way.

On the downside, this application features very few improvements, compared to Windows’ native Calculator, such as providing print support, displaying hints for its functions and featuring an expression editor.

Low resource consumption

This utility can be run on almost any suitable machine, low-end or more powerful, as it features low resource consumption and an uncomplicated user interface.

To sum it up, CompactCalc can be a useful tool if you are in need of advanced calculation functions, although a backup or save feature would add up to the program’s overall efficiency.

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