Calculate equations using predefined formulas or personal ones by taking advantage of this detailed tool that delivers answers to various complicated mathematical questions.

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InnoCalculator Description

InnoCalculator is a scientific calculator that contains trigonometric, logarithmic and algebraic functions. It also offers support for numerals, giving you the possibility to print information. The app’s geared toward experts and math students.

Hassle-free installation and user-friendly GUI

Setting it up takes minimal time and effort, thanks to the familiar wizard steps available in the setup. As far as the interface is concerned, the application adopts a regular window with a well-structured layout, where you can type or paste complex mathematical expressions, assign variables, and trigger the calculations to analyze results.

Preset profiles for various tasks

There are several predefined formulas for calculating the mortgage with fixed monthly payment and remaining loan balance, future value with single sum today or payments of equal size, unit conversion, isothermal compression of ideal gas, along with the self-diffusion coefficient of metal.

Explore advanced math functions

The trigonometric functions include sine, cosine, tangent, cotangent, secant, cosecant, versed, coversed and haversed sine, exsecant, inverse trigonometric tangent, and Pythagoras. There are also functions for inverse, hyberbolyc, logarithms (natural logarithm, base 10, 2 and n, pi, degrees) and algebra (absolute, exponential, square, square root, power, constants).

It’s possible to display intermediate or all session results, choose the computation mode between radians, degrees and grads, undo actions, print information, as well as to hide the InnoCalculator toolbar, status bar and hints.

Evaluation and conclusion

It didn’t put a strain on the computer’s performance in our tests, using low CPU and RAM. We haven’t come across any compatibility issues and it didn’t hang, crash or prompt error messages.

To sum it up, InnoCalculator should come in handy to all professionals or students looking for a comprehensive scientific calculator. Too bad that it doesn’t integrate options for creating custom profiles with ready formulas.

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