Split the desktop screen into several areas and maximize windows to a specific section in order to neatly organize your workspace.

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MaxTo Description

If you are the type of user who usually works with more than four or five opened app windows simultaneously, then you surely know that a cluttered desktop is one of the first enemies of your productivity.

With a potential solution to this problem comes MaxTo, an interesting piece of software that aims to help you maximize the potential of your desktop space and to organize your windows with just a few clicks or a few taps on the keyboard.

Use the virtual desktop to shape areas for each window on your desktop

Subsequent to its installation the application is smoothly integrated with your computer system tray, where it makes its presence known with only a small icon. By clicking on its icon, you are met by a virtual desktop that enables you to customize your workspace.

Besides choosing how much space each window partakes of your desktop, the virtual desktop can also be itself customized. This said, you can split the workspace either vertical or horizontally and you can also adjust the level of transparency.

Position windows with a few mouse clicks or via keyboard shortcuts

To fully take advantage of MaxTo, probably the first thing you need to know is the fact that it only works with maximized windows. This means that whenever you maximize a window, MaxTo takes it upon itself and snugly fits it within the predefined and designated region.

Another big advantage is the fact that the software solution comes with support for profiles. For example, you can save a profile for home where you watch movies while writing documents and one for work where you usually work with various apps.

You can also take advantage of MaxTo’s support for keyboard shortcuts. As you might imagine, you can designate special shortcuts and quickly move windows around without even needing to touch the mouse.

Useful but not quite intuitive

Last but not least, it must be pointed out that MaxTo is a useful application, especially for users who often feel overwhelmed by their cluttered desktops.

Because this app is clearly not the most user-friendly and intuitive app around, consequently, a bit of trial and error is required until you get a firm handle on how it works.

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