A comprehensive and practical application that enables you to use a multitude of tools and features to view Unix and Win32 waves.

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GTKWave Description

GTKWave is a simple, lightweight application designed to read and display waveform files created in Windows 32-bit and Linux. The tool can run from Command Line, but it also features a GUI version, which allows you to view the waveforms and the associated timestamps.

Useful waveform viewer

GTKWave is a reliable GTK+ based wave viewer, a piece of software that is capable of reading signal levels of simulated design models or signals captured in-circuit. It is a useful solution for testing or debugging hardware boards.

The program supports reading several types of waveform files, including LXT, LXT2, VZT, FST or GHW. Additionally, it supports Verilog VCD/EVCD documents, as well as reading and interpreting the electronic system models data stored within them.

The program is designed to help the IC designed view the signal transitions on the established timeline, as well as the interaction of signals from different designs. It can easily read and translate the hardware description language in waveforms.

View the Command Line attributes

GTKWave features a GUI, but for users who work faster in Command Line, the program can also be thus controlled. You can run the Help command to view all the supported arguments.

Thus, GTKWave can use the file requester to replace a dump file name, manually specify the name of the dump file or generate VCD recorder fast load files. You may export the information to VCD, LXT or TIM files, with custom names. The program allows you to set the protocol in case of overriding *.rcfile names or if such item is missing.

Read and process waveform information

GTKWave allows you to set trace hier, as well as alias highlighted trace. You can set the program to read HEX data, decimal, signed decimal, binary, octal, ASCII, BitsToReal or RealToBits. The program includes a searching engine and allows you to set the preferences for the timeline.

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