Track Your Trades

A software application that enables users to manage their stock information, generate tax forms and track their transactions on financial markets.

  • Track Your Trades
  • Version :2016.1.0
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Track Your Trades

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Track Your Trades Description

Track Your Trades is an application specifically designed for financial market investors and traders, enabling them to conveniently keep track of their transactions, accounts and funds. Furthermore, it provides a quick method to calculate your taxes and generating Schedule D reports.

Monitor transactions and investments

Traders and active investors may find themselves having to keep track of a high number of transactions for stocks, options and mutual funds. This application can lend them a helping hand in this matter, providing options for storing detailed information concerning purchases and sold shares, commissions and so on.

It enables investors to take a look at their transaction history, view opened positions, track long-term and short-term capital gains. Furthermore, it is capable of determining the total value of the portfolio and the price of weighted shares.

Build efficient tax-related strategies

Aside from its transaction management functions, Track Your Trades provides assistance in planning income tax returns and calculating the corresponding tax values. Its integrated ‘What-if’ wizard can offer predictions on profits, losses and capital gains, which can be of great help in building the investment strategy and making more efficient decisions.

The application comes with options for generating Schedule D tax reports, which include capital gains and losses resulted from your activity. You are free to select the equity types to include in the report and optionally exclude wash sales. Additionally, it can create Form 4797 for Mark-to-Market traders, used for reporting non-capital and capital assets, as well as gain or loss for the other shareholders.

A handy tool for investors and traders

Track Your Trades is not only a transaction tracker, also providing functions related to tax return preparation. It integrates a comprehensive feature set for both investors and traders, easing their everyday tasks and saving them the extra expenses for hiring a tax preparer.

While any user interested in the financial markets might see the potential in this application, its looks are not the best we’ve seen and could use a complete makeover to match nowadays standards.

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