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Get up-to-date information about local and worldwide earthquakes from the US, Chilean and Mexican seismologic services, by using this straightforward app.

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Earthquake Watch Description

There are plenty of online resources earthquake enthusiasts can take advantage of, as scientists from numerous countries around the world gather seismologic data and make it available to the public.

Earthquake Watch is an intuitive Windows application that relies on the US, Mexican and Chilean seismologic programs to provide you with accurate information about earthquake events from around the world.

Find earthquakes across the globe on the integrated map

When you first start the application, it displays events that are most relevant to you based on your current location. You can switch between multiple categories, however, should you wish to learn about earthquakes that have occurred around in Chile, Mexico, Nepal, or around the world.

Moreover, if you click the map, you can navigate to any location on the globe and see if any events have been recorded in certain areas.

Limited filtering capabilities and no historical data

While you can set the minimum magnitude and maximum distance of earthquakes that should be displayed, you cannot filter the results based on time or depth, nor can you define a specific area that should be considered.

It seems that the application only keeps records for earthquakes that have taken place relatively recently, which isn’t great if you are also interested in past events.

Intuitive, albeit slightly outdated user interface

New users can get to grips with the application’s layout right away, and the large buttons certainly help make navigation easier.

That being said, the UI isn’t particularly impressive, as it seems outdated when you look at newer apps that have been developed for the Universal Windows Platform.

All in all, Earthquake Watch is a useful app for those who are interested in seismology and want to keep track of earthquake events from around the world. It gathers data from several trustworthy sources, and it is easy to use, but it lacks some important features and sports a somewhat outdated UI.

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