Enhance images from your computer in a quick, efficient manner by turning to this tool that packs an extensive collection of tools and presets.

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LandscapePro Description

If photography is one of your hobbies, you probably understand that there is a huge variety of software solutions that can help you enhance the quality of your pictures with minimum efforts.

One of the applications mentioned above is LandscapePro, as it provides you with a broad range of features, thus enabling you to create high-quality projects in several ways.

Smooth design

This program comes with a smooth user interface that packs several functions, which can be easily accessed directly from the main window, without having to browse endless menus looking for the tool you need.

From the main screen you can import an image from your computer or select an example file to test this program’s capabilities. Hitting the Help button displays a brief overlay tutorial that can help you understand its functions and operate them more efficiently.

Enhance images from your PC

You can turn to LandscapePro if you want to improve the quality of landscape photos, as this application provides you with a broad variety of functions that can help you achieve quick, satisfactory results.

After you load the image you want to edit into the application, you can set areas by dragging labels from the dedicated pane and dropping them on the image. The program automatically detects the specified areas and attempts to create a mask, so that you can edit each part of your picture individually. It is possible to soften or unsoften the selection, separate trees or water from the sky, remove objects in the sky or filter small objects.

Extensive preset library

You can access a preset library that contains a large spectrum of presets, but also lets you fine-tune various parameters. In order to apply a preset, you just need to select the corresponding category and choose your preferred one from the list.

While editing each area separately you can modify the values of its contrast, fill light, exposure recovery, blacks, vibrance, saturation, temperature and tint. The Fixes section lets you apply a de-noising effect to your picture by dragging the axes and moving the slider until you are satisfied with the result.

Handy image editor with multiple presets

In conclusion, LandscapePro is a reliable image editor that can help you enhance the quality of image files from your computer in a quick, convenient manner. It comes with a smooth user interface, packs functions that are easy to access and provides you with an extensive selection of presets.

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