An easy-to-use screen capture program that can automatically take as many snapshots as you specify of the full desktop or of the active window.

  • ScreenMaster
  • Version :2.9
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :seasoft

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ScreenMaster Description

ScreenMaster is a software application that enables you to take screenshots of your desktop or active windows. It also provides support for single or automatic snapshots and a stealth mode that hides all the visible traces of the software.

Install this straightforward application and utilize it at your discretion

You can start using this program after an uneventful installation process. There are two ways you can access its features. You can open the application from the desktop icon or the system tray of your computer. The first choice allows more customization, while the second is designed to increase the efficiency.

The interface is not very well polished, yet you will find you are looking for with ease. You can quickly access the settings and edit the start or work settings, which vary from playing sounds for actions or deleting images older than a given period.

Create screenshots via hotkeys or after a given time interval

The software can take snapshots of your desktop or active windows in two separate modes. You can hit a particular keyboard key, click on the button from the system tray or on the “Take a screenshot” button. You can also set regular time intervals and the program will take screenshots of everything on your desktop.

An interesting feature is that you can activate a hidden mode. The software will operate in the background, visible only in the task manager of the computer. It will continue to record until there is no more activity on the screen.

Take screenshots with this above-average tool

In conclusion, ScreenMaster delivers all the necessary features you might expect from a snapshot grabber. You can export files to popular formats, with multiple capture areas, and manual or automatic options. In addition to these features, you can utilize the stealth mode to caption images without anyone knowing.

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