Perform advanced modeling operations for spatial geometry and use ray-traking for renderings, with the help of this capable CAD application.

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BRL-CAD Description

Graphic designers and those who deal with 2D and 3D structure creation and handling could be requiring for a centralized platform that would offer such capabilities. BRL-CAD is a CAD utility that was designed to provide people with a software solution for modeling and manipulating 2D and 3D layouts. Featuring advanced rendering capabilities and dedicated geometry libraries, it promises to offer a comprehensive package.

Multiple-modules that carry well-designed interfaces with intuitive tools and layouts

The application comes packed with three main modules: MGED, RtWizard and Archer, each one enabling people to define spatial object dimensions, select rendering options and perform the actual 3D editing, respectively.

Each module offers numerous menus that will allow people to easily import or create 3D objects, render scenes with the preferred parameters and select units, characters or color schemes. An exhaustive collection of tools for editing objects is provided, enabling one to move edges, facets, perform rotation, translation or scaling operations.

Achieve the preferred 3D layout with this comprehensive CAD-utility that offers useful features

Users will be able to create new databases that the application uses for storing project data, but, unfortunately, direct support for DFX or DWF formats isn’t provided. This could be annoying, especially since these formats represent the industry standard and are widespread used.

Furthermore, since all of its functionality is spread over three modules can also receive controversial appreciation from users. This not only induces additional PC resource consumption but defeats the purpose of a centralized CAD platform.

Good CAD utility that will help users create, edit and manipulate 3D layouts

This application addresses those who seek for a comprehensive CAD suite that can help them attain the required 3D data modeling. Featuring its functionality spread over three different modules for spatial object parametrization, rendering and 3D handling, it might not be appreciated for this fact, but it does an adequate job at creating and managing 3D layouts.

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