Listen to your favorite track from Google Play Music directly from your desktop and without too much effort using this software solution.

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kiste Description

While nobody actually knows any official numbers regarding the number of tracks available on Google Play Music is more than impressive. In spite of the extensive catalog and some other nice perks it comes with, you can only listen to your tracks using your web browser.

kiste is an application designed to provide you with a player for Google Music Play, one that you can use on your desktop as well as your mobile devices.

Configuration can be summarized to signing in

After a quick and straightforward installation, you come face to face with a clean and user-friendly GUI. Before you can use the application, you need to log into your Google Play Music account first.

In case you do not have a Gmail account that you associated with this service, you can easily create an account smoothly by following the instructions. On the other hand, if you are already using the application, then you will be happy to learn that all your settings along with the saved tracks and playlists are already configured and can be accessed right away.

Can help you discover new artists and music genres

Similarly to other services, the app can recognize the music you already have and hence, you can search for similar artists, tracks or albums based on your preferences. Given the storage capacity of the service, you are very likely to find new tracks and singers that you would enjoy listening to.

You should know that the program enables you to store over 20,000 tracks to a virtual cloud, so you can create numerous playlists that you can listen to or employ on various occasions.

A handy tool for anyone using Google Music Play

It is important to note that the application has nothing to do with Google and that it is an unofficial release. Nevertheless, if you would like to be able to manage your playlists or find new music, but dread the idea of using a browser app, then perhaps kiste can lend you a hand.

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