SDExplorer Base

An accessible and easy-to-use piece of software that you can use the map your OneDrive account and access it from Windows Explorer.

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SDExplorer Base Description

SDExplorer Base creates a link between your computer and your OneDrive account in the easiest way possible. All you need is your OneDrive (Microsoft Live) credentials, without the necessity to install any third-party applications.

It was primarily designed to ease access to Microsoft’s service, without having to synchronize the contents of your account with the folders on your computer. You choose what to transfer in between the two sources at all times, as there is no sync process involved.

The idea behind SDExplorer Base is to generate a virtual connection to OneDrive and to retrieve the storage, without downloading any of it. You can, however, handle your files in all possible ways, therefore bi-directional transfers are a possibility, as well as deleting data from your account.

SDExplorer Base does not have an actual interface; instead, it creates a virtual drive under My Computer, which can be accessed based on your OneDrive credentials. If login is successful, access to the whole storage will be granted.

As for the operations you can perform in this virtual folder, you are allowed to create new folders, delete existing ones and rename or move files between OneDrive and your computer.

If you require more advanced functionality, you can turn to SDExplorer Advanced, a paid application that can upload multiple files at once, as well as to configure schedulers for the uploading process.

In conclusion, SDExplorer Base arranges for basic operations to be performed inside your OneDrive storage. It eliminates the need to install complicated clients that are difficult to operate and can make a decent alternative for OneDrive’s default web interface, for that matter.

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