Change DNS Helper

Replace the default DNS server used by your network adapter with public services and perform various other network-related operations, with this handy utility.

  • Change DNS Helper
  • Version :1.0
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :site2unblock

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Change DNS Helper Description

Change DNS Helper is a simple application that, as its name suggests, enables you to replace the DNS server used by your network adapters. By doing so, you can decrease the loading time of web pages and, depending on the service you select, even improve online security.

In addition, the utility includes a number of tools for performing certain network operations, such as flushing the DNS cache or running a ping test.

Easy-to-use DNS switcher

Change DNS Helper is a very straightforward program, even for users who have little experience with DNS servers and other network-related operations. Its minimalistic interface certainly helps in this regard, as it is very easy to navigate.

However, some basic documentation would have come in handy, especially for novices.

Alter your network adapter’s settings on the fly

When you launch Change DNS Helper, it automatically detects all your network devices and lets you specify which of them you want to modify.

There are quite a few public DNS servers to choose from, depending on which Internet Protocol version you select (IPv6 or IPv4). Some are designed to block malicious or adult websites, while others may decrease web page loading speed.

However, the application cannot find the fastest DNS server automatically, so you need to try all of them out to determine which of them is the best.

Includes a number of useful network tools

Aside from changing your DNS server, the application can also help you perform some other common tasks by just clicking a button.

The program allows you to flush the DNS cache, renew your IP address, reset the TCP\IP stack, run a ping test or view your public IP address.

All in all, Change DNS Helper is a simple utility that can come in very handy if you are looking for a straightforward method of switching between DNS servers. In addition, it provides you with several helpful network tools that make it much easier to perform certain tasks.

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