Jihosoft Free Big File Sender

Split and join back together large files that you want to send via email or upload to a file sharing website using this software solution.

  • Jihosoft Free Big File Sender
  • Version :1.1
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Jihosoft

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Jihosoft Free Big File Sender Description

Even though the Internet managed to connect continents and helps the world function around the clock,  there are still some areas that could receive more attention. For instance, sending large files via email or uploading them to specialized services continues to be a problem for users and businesses alike.

Jihosoft Free Big File Sender is an application that can split and join files, so that you can go around the irritating experience of sending large email attachments.

Allows you to split and join any files you want to share

The idea behind the application is to facilitate the process of sending large files as attachments or uploads by providing you with the means to split the file. The operation is straightforward, meaning that you need to specify the sizes you desired or the number of partitions.

Similarly, joining the chunks back into a single file entails specifying the storage and output folders and then hitting the corresponding buttons. You should know that the app offers the possibility to delete the files you used for either of the processes, an option that can help you keep your hard disk clean.

Includes a helpful file size limit reference

You will be happy to learn that the application comes with a dedicated tab that displays a short list of the file size limits imposed by some of the popular file sharing websites out there, such as DropBox, SugarSync, Google Drive, Wetransfer, so on and so forth. The attachment size limits for services like Yahoo, Outlook or Gmail are also included in the list.

Consequentially, if you are unsure about the size you should set for the chunks, then you can learn without having to search for this piece of information online.

A useful utility for anyone uploading and sending files regularly

In the eventuality that you usually need to send large videos, graphic presentations, photos or other files that exceed the file size limit of the service you are using, then Jihosoft Free Big File Sender can help you split the data without affecting its integrity.

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