Smart Move

Set up file or folder structures quickly, more or rename objects, find duplicates, create item lists and much more, with this complex software solution.

  • Smart Move
  • Version :3.00 Beta
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Scott Storm Carter

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Smart Move Description

Smart Move is a powerful piece of software that can help you perform a broad range of operations with files and directories. Its primary goal is to facilitate the creation of file and folder structures, but it includes a lot of other useful functions.

However, while it does offer a comprehensive array of features, it is rather difficult to use, and its interface is very outdated.

Powerful search function

Before you perform any actions, you have to locate the files and folders that need to be processed. Smart Move provides an extensive selection of filters, so you should have no problems finding all the relevant items.

For instance, you can specify if the application should search for files or folders, exclude items that do not fall within a user-defined size or date range, as well as filter objects based on their attributes.

Efficient method of organizing folder structures and editing files

Once the necessary objects have been selected, you can process them in various ways. It is possible, for instance, to batch edit shortcut files, find duplicates for playlists, copy or move items, as well as rename them using one of the multiple available methods.

Moreover, you can summarize all the files present in a large folder structure, create folders in bulk and perform numerous automated actions based on data extracted from a text file.

It is also possible to play video or audio files or edit their hex code, but Free Hex Editor and either VLC media player or Winamp need to be installed beforehand.

Complex application that is not particularly user-friendly

To put it simply, it may take a while you to get accustomed to Smart Move, as its menu layout is a bit unusual, and it is often difficult to find specific functions.

Future versions would also benefit from a redesigned interface, as the current one is very outdated.

On the whole, however, Smart Move can be a very useful tool in the right hands, as it enables you to organize complex folder structures and modify files from a unified interface.

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