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Easily merge IBM or Lotus Notes archives and migrate them to other mail clients or platforms using this simple and straightforward app.

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NSF Merge Software Description

Not only does IBM Notes come with capabilities that reach far beyond a traditional email client, but it can also act as an IM client, notebook, browser and a platform for interacting with collaborative applications. However, the trump card of the utility is the long history of backward compatibility, a feature that makes managing files quick and intuitive.

As the name suggests, NSF Merge Software is a piece of software that enables you to combine NSF files together, so you can prepare them for migration or storage.

Enables you to merge NSF files in two simple steps

The advantage of the program stems from the simple method it provides you to combine or join Lotus Notes files, so that you can just migrate them to the cloud or other email services with ease. You should know that the application provides you with two methods or combining the files, namely join and merge.

While some users can argue that mean the same thing, the processes are slightly different. Consequentially, in the merging processes all the messages, contacts, events and tasks are combined to create a single file, whereas joining is an operation that preserves the original name of the records in a single folder.

Helps you eliminate duplicates and deleted data

It is worth mentioning that the program allows you to remove duplicate items, including messages, to-do lists, events, tasks or contacts. The feature can reduce the size of the output file considerably and hence, save you some cash with storage services.

At the same time, you can configure the application to ignore deleted items from the merge, an option that can help you create smaller archives that are free of unwanted data.

A handy utility for anyone using IBM Notes

All in all, if you are looking for a solution that enables you to manage IBM Notes email archives more efficiently and prepare them for migration to the cloud or other platforms, then NSF Merge Software could come in handy.

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