Interactive Whiteboard for CASIO

Configure your CASIO interactive whiteboard and use it to its full range of capabilities by turning to this comprehensive application.

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Interactive Whiteboard for CASIO Description

If you own a CASIO Interactive Whiteboard device, you are probably aware that software assistance can help you tweak its capabilities and unlock its full potential.

Fortunately, you can turn to Interactive Whiteboard for CASIO, a specialized application that can help you achieve quick, satisfactory results in the situation described above.

Effortless setup

Installing this program on your computer can be accomplished with minimum efforts, since no additional configuration is required on your part during the process.

The installer packs a multi-choice window that you can use to deploy a few necessary components along with the application.

Simplistic interface

Interactive Whiteboard for CASIO packs a minimalistic, user-friendly interface that features a few buttons you can interact with in order to switch between available modules.

More so, you can access a detailed help manual in case you encounter any difficulties in understanding or operating this program’s controls. This can be accomplished by clicking the question-mark-shaped icon on the main toolbar.

Project images from your computer

You can turn to this application if you need to project an image from your computer on a CASIO Interactive Whiteboard device in a simple, convenient manner. It is possible to switch between four available modules: Mouse Control, Presentation, PowerPoint Control and Capture & Draw.

The Presentation and Capture & Draw modes summon a secondary toolbar that provides you with additional functions, such as a pen, a marker, a selection tool, zoom and color palette. More so, if you want to configure certain parameters, you can do so by clicking the gear-shaped icon in the corresponding toolbars.

CASIO Interactive Whiteboard assistant tool

All things considered, Interactive Whiteboard for CASIO is a comprehensive toolkit that can help you use your CASIO Interactive Whiteboard device to its full potential. It can be easily installed on your computer, comes with a smooth user interface and features an extensive help manual that you can turn to in case you encounter any issues.

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