Duplicate Finder – Free Edition

Easily find duplicate files on your PC with the help of this application that features a byte by byte search engine and supports LAN duplicate finding.

  • Duplicate Finder – Free Edition
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  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Ashisoft

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Duplicate Finder – Free Edition Description

Duplicate File Finder is a compact file searcher that will allow users to find all duplicate files or folders on their PCs, with special tools created for defining the preferred search criteria. Those who need to manage their files and folders efficiently will surely, at some point, require to identify duplicate files in their data. This software package will help them find such files easily, with selection options for their search locations, matching file properties and additional features for folder protection.

Nimble interface that brings in a good set of duplicate file / folder finding tools

Duplicate File Finder comes with an easy-to-use interface that will allow users to select where to search for duplicate files and, most importantly, how to search for them. The application provides customization for its search criteria, with various options in terms of matching content and file properties.

Users might appreciate the logical feature layout of the interface and will manage to get around its interface pretty quickly. Multiple folders can be entered for searching and the application supports drag-and-dropping for ease of use.

Identify duplicate files and folders with this efficient scanner that features custom filters / exclusions and folder protection

Featuring a compact and lightweight package, Duplicate File Finder will not be noticed in terms of resource consumption and it will offer prompt and efficient action. One can select custom search patterns, with specific criteria, such as: date, size, file/folder name length or audio tags and the application will return the results in no time.

Filters can be added and users are able to define their own folder exclusions that can help to greatly increase the search efficiency. Specific folders can be protected from accidental deletion and the search results can be exported to HTML, XML or delimited text file formats.

Valuable software solution for finding duplicate files and removing PC clutter, with very few drawbacks

People who require an efficient solution for quickly finding duplicate files on their PCs will surely appreciate the effectiveness and prompt action of Duplicate File Finder. It will offer all the necessary tools for identifying duplicate files and folders coupled with some extra features like its folder protection or result exporting. Some minor flaws that are worth mentioning are the application’s lack of a proper taskbar icon or the very restricted documentation; however, these aren’t enough to overcome its great action and provided features.

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