Free USB Guard

A practical and effective application that helps you to view and manage all your connected drives and safely remove them before you shutdown the PC.

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Free USB Guard Description

Free USB Guard is a simple and effective utility that alerts you if an external drive, such as USB flash drive, or any other external storage device is still connected to the computer when you want to shutdown or log off the PC.

There are situations when you want to download some files from your external device to your friend’s computer, but forget to remove it. If you unplug a storage device or removable drive from your computer without assuring that is safely removed, you might risk losing some important information.

Because most USB devices can be safely unplugged from your computer, it is advisable to remove them when the PC is still running, thus ensuring a proper functionality.

However, when we shutdown the computer, most of us forget to safely remove these drives and we simply unplug them risking to damage them and lose data.

Free USB Guard is mainly designed to alert you during the shutdown or log off process in case a flash drive is attached to the computer or a disk is present in the DVD reader.

Each time you want to shutdown the system, the application notifies you by displaying a pop-up warning message. This way, if you want to restart or log off the computer, the process is closed until your remove the external drive; still, you can skip this step and shutdown the PC anyway.

What’s more, Free USB Guard also detects external HDD drives, but only if they are plugged in after you launch the application, otherwhise you can manage them manually using the ‘Monitor the presence of these drives’ menu.

Considering all of the above, Free USB Guard is a practical program that helps you to monitor the status of each external device and safely remove it after you shutdown the computer.

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