Hanso Recorder

A feature-rich audio program developed for a wide range of sound tasks such as: converting CDs, tapes, DVDs, live performances, TV sounds, Internet radio.

  • Hanso Recorder
  • Version :4.0.0
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :HansoTools

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Hanso Recorder Description

Hanso Recorder is an efficient application that can extract audio files from TV sounds or Internet radio, being able to save them on your computer with ease.

By using Hanso Recorder you are able to perform a wide range of sound tasks such as converting CDs, TV sounds, video games and any other audio source.

Although it relies on a short installation process, users must pay attention to in order to dismiss any third-party software that might be included in it.

Because it comes with a simple and user-friendly interface, the application can be used by anyone who wants to record various sounds and save them as audio files, so they can access them using various audio playing devices.

Before starting the recording process, you are able to change the device settings, choose the frequency, bit rate and the number of channels you are interested in, as well as modify the target file location.

The utility comes with ‘Silence Detection’ options that can be easily configured from the bottom section located on the main window. This way, you are able to skip silent block and set the duration according to your needs.

However, if you want to personalize your settings and use them permanently, you can press the ‘Set Default’ button, which is located on the upper side of the window.

After configuring all the settings, such as recording quality, volume, sound source and sample rate, simply hit the ‘Record’ button and let the application work.

What’s more, the software’s capabilities also integrate text-to-speech conversion. Simply open a file you want and listen to your personal documents while you are working at something else.

Moreover, by using the ‘Scheduler’ option you can automate your recording actions with ease. This way, you can save your favorite TV shows even when you are not at your PC. Also, a list with all the available scheduled tasks is displayed in the proper section of the ‘Scheduler’ window.

All in all, Hanso Recorder proves to be a reliable utility that makes handling any audio task easier than before. It is a flexible solution for users who want to record any digital sound from PC.

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