Seamlessly make measurements of the signal to noise ration, distortion or bandwidth on various audio amplifiers or players using this app.

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Spect&Gen Description

While it is true that it takes some time and patience to learn how to fine-tweak an oscilloscope, you can rest assured that the effort is well worth it. Not only can you benefit from real-time analysis of the input sound, but you stand to gain a tool that allows you to precisely control the size and shape of the waveform.

Spect&Gen is a utility that packs an audio spectrum analyzer, oscilloscope and audio generator, tools that enable you to make various sound measurements.

Comes with an intuitive audio spectrum analyzer

Upon launch, you are welcomed by an appealing interface that is designed as a range sheet that displays the frequencies of the Input and Output signals as decibels as well as amplitude signals. You should know that rate displays usually depends on the corresponding Sampling of the Input peripheral.

While the spectrum sheet takes on most of the main window, you can find other tools that can help you make the necessary audio measurements from the Left side. More precisely, you can define the spectrum channel, frequency range, high pass filter (if necessary), the FFT length or the type of interpolation to be used to weight the audio samples.

It is capable of generating four types of audio waves

You should know that that the program includes a wave generator tool that enables you to spectrally optimized non-sinusoidal waves, namely Sawtooth, sine, triangular and square. Even though the waves are not displayed perfectly in the oscillator, let us not forget that the idea behind a wave generator is to measure the equipment’s behavior when exposed to complex signals.

You can record the outputs generated via the utensil in a WAV file and hence, transfer it to a DVD or USB to test the quality of an audio player, for example.

A handy tool for anyone interested in audio mixing

All in all, if you enjoy mixing tracks or you plan to make a career in music production, then Spect&Gen can provide you with three great tools that enable you to make precise measurements of the audio signals.

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