Audio Input Switcher

Seamlessly switch between audio input devices that might be useful for running applications and assign global keys to manage your microphone with this app.

  • Audio Input Switcher
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Andrew Tran

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Audio Input Switcher Description

Granted, if you regularly need to record multiple samples simultaneously for your audio projects, then it is important that you have the right equipment for the task. Then again, having the right software solution to manage the recording devices can help you get back on track quickly.

Audio Input Switcher is a small application that allows you to toggle between the recording devices you have connected to your computer, so you can handle your audio projects more efficiently.

Helps you manage devices via global hotkeys

After a quick and uneventful setup, you can access the application and configure it from the System Tray. You should know that the program does not have an interface per se, but rather it includes multiple small windows that enable you to set hotkeys for handling recording devices’ functions and specify the processes to monitor via certain devices.

The application enables you to set combinations of keys for the different actions that you normally perform with your microphone or other devices. Therefore, you can simply cycle to the next audio input gadget, access the jack, toggle mute and increase or decrease the volume while recording multiple samples.

Allows you to assign devices to separate running processes

A noteworthy feature of the utility is that it enables you to create a list of applications that can be monitored using a particular audio input device. In other words, you are defining the programs that the app should swap to when you are switching between devices.

Then again, you should keep in mind that the application must be running when assigning a process to a device, so that the tool can identify it. You can turn monitoring on and off with just one click so that you can have complete control over your recording devices.

A simple tool that simplifies recording with multiple devices

In spite of the fact that it does not pack numerous features, Audio Input Switcher provides you with a flexible and straightforward means to handle multiple recording devices on your computer and hence, could prove valuable when working on your audio projects.

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