Effortlessly draw UML diagrams which include spreadsheets capabilities and edit them anytime you want using this software solution.

  • Gridraw
  • Version :0.14
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Gridraw Inc.

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Gridraw Description

By far the biggest advantage of using UML diagrams stems from the fact that they allow you to break down complex systems into smaller pieces that are easier to understand. Consequentially, it can aid you save up a lot of precious time in the long run.

Gridraw is an application that enables you to draw UML diagrams that are perfectly editable and that come with all standard features of spreadsheets.

Stylish and easy to navigate interface

The program comes wrapped in a sleek GUI that consists of a grid with multiple cells set on a suitable black background. The appearance can help you create a highly structured diagram where all the components are displayed accordingly.

You can start working on your diagram by creating a parent class in any of the desired cells. You can repeat the procedure to insert the other desired components and afterwards, tie them together using the appropriate connectors, namely association, generalization, dependency, composition or aggregation.

Includes modes that can make drawing easier

It is worth mentioning that the app comes with 5 different modes that are indicators of the function you can perform, meaning Cell, Connector, Normal, Insert and Visual. While in Normal mode you can do cursor operations in a class, in the Connector mode you can specify the relationships between the diagram’s components, for instance.

In the event you need to modify cells or connectors, you can easily do so by accessing the Edit menu any time you want, even halfway through your project. Once you are done with your plan, you can save it as either XML or PNG.

On a side note, in case you are having a hard time drawing the classes and connecting them accordingly, you should take advantage of the extensive tutorials available on the app’s website.

A tool that can help you explain a complex concept better

Thanks to its simple and intuitive structure, Gridraw enables you to draw one type of diagram that you can use to help your audience better understand your comprehensive business model or an enterprise architecture for instance.

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