Zoom in on custom desktop areas, capture regions, windows or the whole desktop, measure distances and angles, or determine color code for pixels with this practical application.

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BastaPix Description

The main workspace when having to do with computer activities is your desktop. There are various utilities that spread their features across your precious space. Some of them might even require measuring or recording, tasks which best fit the description of what BastaPix is capable of performing.

Intuitive design and little effort required

With the installation process taking only little of your time, you’re free to run and check out the different tools for screen recording and measuring. The upper toolbar lets you select one of the different types, while the rest of the space serves as a preview and edit area for grabbed content.

Depending on what you need to perform, you can use a magnifier, screen recorder, gauge, and color picker, with additional help from a ruler and clipboard viewer. The bigger you make the main window, the larger your preview area is. Your effort is narrowed down to adjusting a few sliders and ticking a few corresponding options for each tool, like following the ruler, showing the cursor, enabling a grid for more precision, and sending data to clipboard once it’s grabbed.

Short utilities overview

The magnifier mostly speaks for itself, with the preview consisting of a zoom in display on the cursor area at up to 1000 times the original, and details displayed in different measuring units, as well as coordinates.

Taking screenshots becomes easier than with the dedicated keyboard button. In addition, you can choose to pick only specific areas of custom predefined or free-form shapes, program windows, the whole screen or just desktop activity.

The gauge is actually a selection of different measuring tools, which benefits a lot from the help of the customizable ruler you can bring up. A grid layer can be placed over your desktop for more accuracy, while tools let you measure custom distances, areas, and angles.

Last but not least, the color code of any pixel on your desktop can be revealed simply by hovering your mouse cursor over it. Data is displayed in different types such as RGB, HTML, HSV, HSL, and CMYK.

Clever hotkey and file support

Needless to say that all data can be exported to different corresponding file formats like CSV, RTF, TXT, JPG, BMP, PNG, and more. Don’t worry if you forgot to manually save, because all grabbed data is sent by default to the clipboard, which is cleverly built to store more entries and under different formats and encodings.

The application can be forced to automatically start along with Windows. Different options are used to specify auto-save for more safety. Furthermore, clever hotkey support gives you the possibility to easily trigger each function without using the main window at all.

In conclusion

On an ending note, BastaPix puts a few simple utilities together in an intuitive interface that raises the productivity of individual features as a solid product. The built-in clipboard manager perfectly glues all components together, making sure no bit of data is lost, while export options allow you to use it in different other, more ambitious projects.

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