Access every color from Google’s material design palette easily from the system tray, with this intuitive and portable application.

  • Materialette
  • Version :1.2.1
  • License :MIT License
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Mike Schultz

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Materialette Description

App designers and web developers often have a hard time deciding which colors to use for their projects, especially if a standardized palette is not available.

Materialette is a nifty application that makes it much easier to access the colors in Google’s material design palette, as it can be brought up with a single mouse click and is always at hand in the system tray.

Unobtrusive program that is there when you need it

Once launched, the application is minimized to the system tray automatically. Whenever you wish to obtain a certain color code, you only need to click the tray icon in order to display the palette in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

The palette is hidden automatically when you switch to another window, but you also have the option of pinning it to the desktop to ensure it is as easy to access as possible.

Nifty application that puts useful color codes at your disposal

Materialette provides access to all the colors in Google’s material design palette, and you can have it display either RGB or hex color codes.

Once you have found the hue you are interested in, you can copy the color code to the clipboard with a single mouse click and then use it in your project.

Easy-to-use utility that does not require installation

The application can be deployed very easily, as is is not necessary to go through a setup procedure beforehand. No files are stored in other locations on your hard drive, and it is even possible to place the software on a USB drive and use it on multiple computers.

On the whole, Materialette is a straightforward program that does the job it was designed for without repproach. It provides you with convenient access to all the colors in Google’s material design palette, and it enables you to copy them to the clipboard with a single mouse click.

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