A simple to use application which specializes in opening the new .BPG picture format, while offering zoom in/out and rotation tools.

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BPGviewer Description

BPGviewer is a simple, yet reliable application which can open images and can handle pictures in the BPG format. The application allows you to open and view this new file format, which other picture viewers cannot support. The tool also offers you two image handling functions, namely zoom in/out and rotate.

New image format

BPG stands for Better Portable Graphics and represents a new picture format, designed to offer high visual quality, while maintaining a small file size. This particular format offers a powerful image compression, similar to the one supported by the JPEG type. The difference is the improved image quality, resulting from using a high definition video compression method.

The format supports higher bit depths, lossless compression, EXIF and other type of metadata. BPGviewer allows you to open any image encoded with this particular format and view its details or rotate it. The rotated image however cannot be saved after closing the application.

Reliable image viewer

BPGviewer can only open this particular type of file and allows you to zoom in or out by using the dedicated buttons in the interface, key shortcuts or the mouse scroll wheel. Moreover, you can rotate the image in clockwise or counter clockwise direction, in order to view them better. You may not save the rotated image to your computer.

The application can also display the picture’s metadata, offering several pieces of information, such as bit depth, color space, graphics format, height, width or limited range. The software can read the existing metadata and display the available information.

Open special types of images

While BPGviewer can easily open this particular format, which is supported by a limited number of applications, it does not allow you to view other types of pictures. Moreover, the software cannot save the rotated pictures to your computer. Additionally, it can display the available metadata.

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