Faster Than Sight

Learn to read faster using the rapid serial visual representation (RSVP) method, with the help of this easy-to-use, open-source application.

  • Faster Than Sight
  • Version :1.2.2
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Violet Giraffe

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Faster Than Sight Description

If you do a lot of reading, taking advantage of the rapid serial visual representation (RSVP) technique can greatly increase your productivity and save you a lot of valuable time.

Faster Than Sight is an open-source application based on this method that can help you read text much faster. It features a minimalistic UI and can also be configured extensively.

Read much more quickly using the RSVP technique

Essentially, the program takes any document you open and displays one word at a time in the center of the screen, allowing you to focus on a single point. The speed is customizable, enabling you to go from 100 to 800 WPM.

Research has determined that much higher reading speeds are possible using this method, without negatively affecting comprehension. It has its downsides, however, as it requires more focus and can lead to repetition blindness.

Faster Than Sight allows you to create bookmarks and return to the same position at any time, as well as navigate between chapters and go to specific words.

Highly customizable app that sports a minimalistic, intuitive UI

You can change a lot of things about the application, starting with the layout and appearance of the UI. The background, text and pivot color can be modified to any you prefer, and you can also create themes. Additionally, the status bar can be hidden in full-screen mode.

The brightness and text size can be modified while you are reading, and you can also set the delay per letter to a custom value and specify how long the application should pause after various punctuation marks.

Easy-to-use, configurable speed reading application

In a nutshell, Faster Than Sight is a great app for anyone looking to increase their reading speed with the help of the RSVP technique. It is very intuitive, featuring a straightforward user interface that new users should have no problems with.

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