Education Smart OMR

Check test sheets of students through an Optical Mark Recognition algorithm to provide accurate results thanks to this application.

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Education Smart OMR Description

Every domain of activity benefits from the enhancement of a computer, including education. There are a variety of specialized programs to help in schools and universities. For instance, Education Smart OMR comes with the means to quickly analyze mark sheets and deliver the accurate score for every student.

Import and view students, answers, and the test sheet

Setup doesn’t take a lot of time, but you might want to know that the application depends on the feature set of ImageMagick, which needs to be installed on your computer for proper functionality. On the bright side of things, it’s bundled inside the installer so you can choose to deploy it from there.

The visual design of the application is meant to keep you busy for a little while. It’s split into several sections, such as the import steps, panels to display students and their answers, as well as the preview section for the answer sheet. Several data files first need to be loaded for data analysis to happen.

Edit marks, calculate results, and export

There is a total of three files which need to be loaded, such as a student list, answer key, as well as an answer sheet. The first two need to be under the XLS format, while the answer sheet is a picture depicting the style sheet of the actual test.

Since it works with Excel files, data input can easily be managed. The application displays the student code and name, as well as score and corresponding QR code. Next to the list of students are the corresponding answers.

A dedicated section shows the preview of the test sheet. You can open the editor to modify answers of students. When you’re done, the test can be checked against student answers to display corresponding scores you can then export as an XLS file.

A few last words

Taking everything into consideration, we can state that Education Smart OMR is a reliable application which can save you a lot of time and minimize the risk of errors when it comes to checking test sheets. It’s easy to set up, requiring only a few files with initial data. The automatic reading of patterns provides accurate data in the end.

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