Display your heart rate in gaming videos and streams using various heart rate sensors, or just connect with a friend and compare your vitals in real-time, with this nifty open-source app.

  • Cardia
  • Version :1.0.5832.41560 / 1.0.6395.37484 Pre-release
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Michele Tibaldi

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Cardia Description

If you can’t think of anything unique to add to your stream, or you just want another way to compete with your friends, you might want to take a close look at this application.

By getting data from a heart rate monitor, Cardia can display your vitals and generate a simulated ECG tracing, which can be shown on your stream or added to gaming videos. Moreover, it allows you to connect with friends and compare your vitals in real-time.

Cool idea for users who want to add something extra special to their gaming videos or livestreams

Naturally, you need a specialized device before you can use this application. Currently, Cardia offers support for the Zephyr HxM, Contec CMS50, as well as partial support for Bluetooth Smart devices.

The data gathered by the program will be shown in a simulated ECG tracing, complete with a heartbeat sound that can be disabled if it is not to your liking.

If you want to display your vitals in a stream or video, you can remove all other interface elements and leave just the ECG on your desktop. However, we couldn’t find an option to keep it on top of all other windows.

Create a server and compare your vitals with others

Perhaps the application’s most interesting feature is the network mode, which enables up to four users to connect to a server and compare their heart rates in real-time. Every person’s ECG will be displayed on each screen, and you can enter your name to tell them apart easily.

The network settings are fairly easy to configure, as you only need to choose between the server and client modes and set the server port and address.

Cool app that can make your stream and gaming sessions a lot more interesting

Cardia certainly comes forward with an original concept, and the application itself doesn’t disappoint. It is very easy to configure and use, and it offers support for several popular devices.

However, it would help if it were possible to customize more about the look of the ECG than just its color, and an “always on top” mode needs to be added in future releases.

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