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Keep a well-organized database of customers, vendors and items, create invoices and receipts with easy import and export options.

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Ezy Invoice Description

Businesses need to keep a tight record of every item and transaction not only to be on the bright side of the law, but to achieve success. With computers enhancing every domain of activity, sales also benefits from this advanced tool. Moreover, applications like Ezy Invoice make sure you have the right means of keeping your business on its feet by managing customer and funds.

Intuitive design quickly gets you up and running

In terms of visuals, the interface is pretty clean and intuitive, with an upper toolbar holding major functions and databases you can access while the rest of the space lets you manage corresponding configurations in a window-based manner.

Create databases of customers, vendors and items

First off, you need to create a database to store all details and make them easily accessible later on. This is quickly done through a wizard-driven process. Going forth with this process lets you add company details, user credentials, as well as region and currency details, with options to include taxing. These details are only an overview, with the possibility to add thorough info later on.

To properly set up a database, it’s a good idea to take your time and add customers, vendors and products you work with, so that management becomes easier. The creation process is similar and mostly differs in requirement fields. It doesn’t take much time nor effort to manually add new entries.

Store documents and create tasks

You are not limited to transactions. The application does a good job at providing several accessibility tools, such as a documents handler, where you can keep a record of all important notes and sales attachments. There’s also a to-do list which you can fill in with items from existing databases to better distribute tasks amongst your employees.

Wizard-driven import and export

Invoices are displayed in a standard form. Calculus is done automatically, with options to include custom details. The same goes for receipts so that transactions can fully be justified. There’s also a fair number of reports you can issue in order to check on your stock and sales every now and then.

Generally speaking, the application is pretty polished from most points of view. Import and export options for all databases are wizard-driven for an enhanced experience, with TXT, CSV and XLS being amongst the supported formats.

In conclusion

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Ezy Invoice is a handy application that is sure to boost efficiency in most small and medium businesses. Time-consuming processes of creating databases can be accelerated by wizard-driven import options. The only thing you need to be careful is when adding new entries, because the application tends to get you stuck unless you fill in at least a field.

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