Steam Auto Shutdown

Leave your computer running in order to download your favorite Steam games while being sure that it automatically shuts down once they are completed by relying on this lightweight tool.

  • Steam Auto Shutdown
  • Version :1.4
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Benjibobs

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Steam Auto Shutdown Description

With a massive community behind it and extremely varied catalog of games with all the related information, you most certainly have heard about Steam, the biggest online gaming platform.

The platform also provides gamers around the world with a quick way to search for and download their favorite games thanks to Steam, a native client that bears the same name as the platform itself.

With a more than self-explanatory name, Steam Auto Shutdown is a simplistic command line-based tool that can automatically shutdown your computer once all Steam games have finished downloading.

Simple tool that automatically shuts down your PC once your Steam downloads are finished

As you might have expected, the app does not require any kind of installation on your part. Please note that, in order to run properly, the application requires you to fire it up while providing it with full system rights.

Once you do so, you are met by the app’s minimalist command-line user interface. The workflow is quite straightforward as you only need to point out the interval between checks expressed in seconds.

Alternatively, the tool provides you with the possibility to not only shut down your computer but to reboot it or activate the sleep and hibernate modes once the downloads are finished.

Very useful for Steam gamers that don’t benefit from a quick Internet connection

Taking everything into consideration, Steam Auto Shutdown is a lightweight and efficient application that will surely come in handy for Steam gamers that have the misfortune of having a slow Internet connection and are required to leave their computers open for longer periods of time in order to download their desired games.

As it detects when all your Steam downloads are finished and automatically shuts down your computer, this lightweight app is a perfect example of how little apps such as these help you carry out certain tasks without having to use other, more demanding or less user-accessible alternatives.

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