Free Chart Geany

Download stock quotes, analyze price evolution and calculate specific indicators with this application, which comes in handy to all investors.

  • Free Chart Geany
  • Version :2.0.3
  • License :GPL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Lucas Tsatiris

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Free Chart Geany Description

Stock market enthusiasts and those who wish to stay up-to-date with the latest changes and variations occurring in the market might be requiring a centralized platform for downloading and viewing such data. Free Chart Geany was developed to provide a software solution that offers people the means to download stock market data, analyze it, preview charts and perform various operations such as currency conversions.

Plain interface that provides an easy handling and prompt stock data acquisition

Free Chart Geany presents users with a clean interface that doesn’t flaunt too many features and maintains an overall minimalist look. A dedicated data manager enables people to search for and download stock marked data, from various companies.

Once a correct stock data symbol has been inputted, the application will check for available data and download it on request. Having acquired the necessary data, users can then proceed and analyze it, preview it displayed on a chart or edit it.

Download and analyze stock marked data with this accessible utility

Users will be able to preview the variation in stock data (positive and negative) on a well-designed graph area, which enables them to quantitatively assess the market evolution. They will be able to adjust the color palette to their specifications and even add trend lines, for a better depiction.

Custom labels and trailing texts can be added and navigating through the stock data chart can be easily done, by panning with the mouse cursor. One will be able to preview indicators such as book value, market cap, prices/earnings, PEG ratio or dividend yield.

Valuable software solution for those who wish to visualize and analyze stock market data

This application addresses those who require a simple and efficient way of downloading, previewing and analyzing stock market data. It will offer them several tools for managing such information, creating charts and adding personalized items such as labels. Statistical features are also available, allowing people to perform the required analysis.

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