Maintain a detailed log about the various car expenses, with this utility that offers a consistent solution for managing the costs of refuel, garage, insurance, taxes, etc..

  • Logbook
  • Version :3.01
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Sven Brinkmann

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Logbook Description

People who spend a considerable amount of their time car traveling, might find themselves having difficulties in keeping track of all the car-related expenses. Logbook is here to help solve such problems by providing a comprehensive solution for registering and managing the costs involved by owning and driving a car. It will allow them to maintain logs for aspects such as: refueling, garage time, insurance, taxes, parking, tickets, maintenance, etc.

Elegant interface that offers users an intuitive layout with tools for logging their car expenses

Logbook features a stylish design that was created in order to increase its user-friendliness and the overall handling efficiency. People will benefit from thoughtful features that are represented through attractive buttons, all provided in a clean layout.

The application’s interface can be resized according to one’s preferences, but unfortunately, it will fail to recognize the custom size and will always start maximized. This fact may not be very bothersome, but users who rely on an efficient desktop space management, might not appreciate it.

Record your various car maintenance costs and view detailed statistics reports with this utility that lacks exporting capabilities

Users will be able to enter countless details for numerous maintenance costs that a car can involve and the application allows them to manage multiple cars with custom details. After defining the technical and administrative details for their vehicles, users can enter detailed information for the registered costs of garage time, refueling, parking, maintenance, etc.

From the user-defined costs and per-driver / per-car details, the application will yield both numerical and graphical statistics for monthly, average or total expenses. Nevertheless, although it will provide the option to print the resulted reports, Logbook does not feature any exporting features for other common formats such as DOC, TXT or PDF.

Valuable application for keeping track of all the costs involved by owning and driving a car

For those who require an efficient solution for managing their car-related expenses, this utility will provide a good way to inventory such information. It will allow users to add custom cars and corresponding drivers or enter numerous details about the expenses which result from car maintenance activities, refueling, parking or garage time.

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