uMatrix for Opera

Take the reins of your browsing experience with the help of this privacy-oriented Opera add-on designed to handle all your communications by blocking cookies, scrips, plugins, frames, and more.

  • uMatrix for Opera
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  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Raymond Hill

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uMatrix for Opera Description

The concern you show for your privacy translates, among others, into an interest in tools helping you get control of your browsing experience.

uMatrix for Opera is one such software utility whose purpose is to bring at your fingertips a series of resources meant to enhance your interaction with your browser and facilitate net request management.

Browser add-on that lets you evaluate net requests

The Opera extension is mainly addressed at seasoned users who understand the need to be informed about what happens behind the scenes when browsing the web.

However, the extension’s purpose is not merely informative, since it allows you to actively influence your browser’s behavior by indicating authorized connections, what kind of data it may download, as well as what it is safe to execute.

You simply need to install the add-on, and once you click its icon in the toolbar, you are prompted with a detailed view of the website you are visiting.

Blocks websites partially or globally

The software utility is capable of revealing all remote connections, regardless of whether they are successful or failed, letting you decide whether or not communications get your permission.

At the click of the mouse, the program is capable of blocking cookies, CSS-related items, images, plugins, scripts, XHR, and frames. Disabling net requests can be done either in batch mode or individually, by clicking each cell you are interested in.

It is also important to point out that a log is integrated in case you want to further inspect the net requests triggered at one point or another.

Opera extension enhancing your privacy

On an ending note, uMatrix for Opera is a tool helping you manipulate the way your browser responds to the net requests issued by the websites you are visiting. Putting extensive emphasis on transparency, the extension’s GUI allows for ample customizations and ease of navigation, for which reason it is definitely worth a shot.

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