Intel Compute Stick App Update

A simple utility that is designed to help correct the issue or error that causes the Windows Start screen to fail to open on the first generation of Intel Compute Stick device.

  • Intel Compute Stick App Update
  • Version :
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Intel

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Intel Compute Stick App Update Description

Intel Compute Stick is a complete mini PC that enables you to transform any monitor or TV that incorporates an HDMI port into a smart device. Perhaps the biggest advantage of the computing device stems from the fact that it is completely independent and, since it has its own on operating system, it is not dependent on other applications or smartphones.

It is worth mentioning that performance wise, it delivers similar values and you should expect a performance equivalent to the one you can commonly get on a Windows 8.1 tablet. And that’s not the only issue you are likely to have to handle using the device, as some of the users that opted for the Windows 8.1 version were about to find out.

Nevertheless, Intel took note of the situation and provided users with two options to correct the errors that determine the Windows Start screen to fail to open. Before you rush to request a replacement or if your device is no longer under warranty, then you can consider trying out the Intel Compute Stick App Update.

It is recommended that you employ the utility only with devices that exhibit this issue. Functionality-wise, you need to download – and possibly copy it – to the Intel Compute Stick and then allow the app to update. You should know that the tool does not update the contents of the recovery partition, so if you restore the device, then you might have to re-use the utility.

You can avoid any issues such as losing data by closing all applications you do not need for the procedure and using a wired mouse and keyboard when running the update.

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