Quickly browse, view and download content from Instagram, both pictures and videos, whether the files are your own uploads or other users’.

  • DownGramer
  • Version :1.0.0
  • License :MIT License
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Yuvraj Singh Babrah

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DownGramer Description

DownGramer is a simple to use application that allows you to view and quickly download content from Instagram. The application allows you to extract not only pictures, but video files as well, from your own account or other users’. You can search for people or pictures, as well as view the constantly updated photo feed.

Modern looking GUI

DownGramer features a user-friendly interface, with simple menus and clear commands, which resembles the Windows 8 (and higher) app style. Several screens are displayed as you click on command buttons, for confirmation or notification.

The program features a separate tab for displaying your own Instagram uploads and allows you to view the pictures / videos added to the Favorite collection. DownGramer also includes a tab of Popular pictures in the past hours and a searching engine which allows you to find the people or photos you wish to download.

Separate photos and videos during the download

DownGramer allows you to set separate default download folders for pictures and videos, in order to avoid mistakes, overwriting or other confusing situations. The Photos and Videos tools at the top of the window allow you to set the default download folder for each category. The process itself is easy: as you find the desired pictures, all you need to do is select and download them.

Right-click on an item allows you to select or deselect it. The program supports downloading batch media: you may select several items before hitting the Download button, from the toolbar at the top of DownGramer’s window.

Content download manager

DownGramer allows you to monitor the current downloads. The designated tab can display the ongoing transfers, but clears as soon as the items are safely downloaded on your computer. You may find the desired pictures and videos in the folders you previously indicated, within seconds after clicking the Download button.

NOTE: You need to authenticate using your Instagram account credentials, granting the program access to your data.

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