Urban Market

Quickly access a large online shopping platform, view videos and access your social network accounts, with this multi-purpose application.

  • Urban Market
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  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Joaquim Mussassa

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Urban Market Description

Urban Market is a simple to use program that allows you to access various websites for online shopping, content download or online television with one simple mouse click. Moreover, the application features bookmarks to social network websites, including Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.

Simple to use application for online shopping

The main purpose of Urban Market is to offer you a comprehensive environment where you may find the products you are looking for, then buy them online. The application features shortcuts to the Amazon shopping platform, as well as to various content downloading/purchasing websites.

Additional functions of Urban Market are the online television tool, which allows you to view live TV feed, from Sky News Live channel. Several bookmarks for social network websites are available for you, in the software’s interface, so you can access the pages with one click. You may thus visit Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus sites and manage your account.

Simplistic application, interface and functions

Urban Market is designed as an online shopping helper, which could assist you in finding the products you are looking for. However, the only online shopping website is Amazon. The online television is limited to one channel and the software finder can only browse a single website.

The social network websites can easily be accessed from the menu on the left and managed in the main work area. The program’s interface is simplistic and often times freezes for a second or two when you click on a command button.

Browse and buy products online

Urban Market’s main feature is that it allows you to browse the Amazon online shopping platforms for the United States and New Zeeland. Moreover, it allows you to quickly visit one of the supported social network websites, as well as to login to your own account. While Internet connection is required, the program supports offline browsing on specified pages.

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