Quickly transfer files over the Internet by generating direct download URLs or QR codes that can be managed from other stations or devices.

  • Filecast
  • Version :1.0
  • License :Apache License 2.0
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Onyxbits

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Filecast Description

Filecast is a reliable tool designed to facilitate the file transfer between two computers or from the desktop to a mobile device. The program can easily generate a direct download URL for each file you select, as well as a specific QR code. Each of these codes are direct paths to downloading a particular file.

Easy to use folder browser

Filecast features a simplistic interface, with a split layout, designed to help you select the file and instantly view the codes. The area on the left displays the folder tree structure, with extendable nodes, which allows you to select any file stored on your machine.

Once a file is selected, the QR code and the direct download URL are displayed in the area on the right. The URL can easily be selected and copied to clipboard, using the option in the Edit menu or the Ctrl+C hotkeys. It can be sent to any user via the Internet or any other environment.

Scanning QR codes and acquiring files

Acquiring the files can be made in a very simple way: enter the URL into the browser of your choice or scan the QR code, for accurate data transfer. When using a mobile device, make sure that you have a QR code scanner installed on it. Otherwise, if using the PC, you require both the application and the scanning device.

Filecast is a cross-platform application, being built in Java, which does not require installation and can easily run from any computer or mobile device. The program supports sharing files and folders via its built-in webserver.

Browser required for download

Whether you run Filecast on a PC or a mobile device, you need an Internet browser in order to access the files, due to the URL’s structure. You may view the files or download them altogether, depending on whether the browser offers you this possibility. Moreover, you can even send folders through Filecast.

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