Mindomo Desktop

A practical and effective utility designed for collecting and organizing documents, as well as sharing projects with other users.

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Mindomo Desktop Description

Mindomo Desktop is a reliable mind-mapping application worth having when you need to arrange your ideas, links, websites, pictures and notes, develop creative solutions to your problems and visualize connections between different key concepts.

Mind mapping is an intuitive technique that helps you to insert information in diagrams, instead of writing it in sentences, and here is where Mindomo Desktop comes in handy.

The main window of the application is intuitive and helps you to create your own diagrams within seconds. You are able to insert new topics or subtopics, delete hyperlinks, attachments, images and multimedia, as well as clear the current style from the right-click menu.

The left panel allows you to access options that can customize your diagrams. You are able to insert comments, notes and images to the current topic so you can differentiate them. You can also use the embedded web browser if you want to search webpages without leaving the application.

The upper panel helps you to personalize each topic and diagram the way you want. You can easily change the diagram shape, modify the background color, the line weight and type. The Font section allows you to change the text alignment and the color with ease.

For those who want a fancier aspect, they can navigate to the Themes section and select the map that suits their needs.

What’s more, you can even publish your maps to various websites, grant permissions only to specific users and protect your diagrams from unauthorized access.

Using Mindomo Desktop you are able to create as many tasks as you want in order to manage your workload, improve communication among team members, develop ideas and brainstorm innovative solutions.

To wrap it up, Mindomo Desktop proves to be a steady solution when it comes to organizing your ideas in a more efficient way and sharing projects with other users.

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