DBA Security Advisor

Connect to your SQL Server instances and assess them against a broad range of security checks by turning to this reliable program.

  • DBA Security Advisor
  • Version:2.0 Build 20170329_1
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:SQLArtBits

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DBA Security Advisor Description

If you work as a server administrator, you probably understand that your must ensure that your server is secured against a wide variety of attacks or other potential harmful components.

In the situation mentioned above, turning to third-party software solutions such as DBA Security Advisor can help you achieve quick, adequate results. Please note that this program requires Microsoft .NET Framework and Microsoft Excel to be installed on your computer in order to provide you with its full set of functions.

Comprehensive user interface

This program comes with a comprehensive user interface that packs an extensive list of options, which are neatly organized and can be easily accessed by many users, regardless of their previous experience with similar software.

However, given that most of its controls are highly technical, a good understanding of certain server administration concepts is required to benefit from its capabilities to their full extent.

Connect to multiple SQL Server instances

DBA Security Advisor lets you connect to several SQL Server instances and assess them against a broad range of security checks, in order to identify potential security threats.

The main screen provides you with quick access to many of its functions, so that you do not need to spend a lot of time browsing its menus, looking for the desired option. Connecting to a server can be done by specifying its name, choosing an authentication type and providing the application with valid credentials.

Wide variety of security checks

After you connect to the desired server instance or instances, you can easily assess them against numerous security checks by navigating to the corresponding category, selecting the desired modules and hitting the Run Checks button.

Among the checks you can find Ad Hoc Distributed Queries, Cross DB Ownership Chaining, Database Mail XPs, Remote Access, Remote Admin Connections, SQL Mail XPs, Server Authentication Mode, Public Database Role, Password Policy or SQL Agent Service Account.

This program also generates detailed reports that you can access by clicking the Report tab, export them to text, RTF, Excel or HTML and also print them if you need a hard copy.

Reliable security assessment tool for your SQL server

All things considered, DBA Security Advisor proves to be a trustworthy asset by enabling you to assess multiple SQL servers against numerous security checks. It comes with a user-friendly interface that packs intuitive functions and requires at least medium knowledge regarding SQL server administration to be operated accordingly.

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