Effortlessly sync files to other Unix-based machines and backup your computer’s contents with the help of this Rsyn client application.

  • Acrosync
  • Version :1.6 Build 564
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Acrosync LLC

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Acrosync Description

While not what you would call popular amongst Windows-users, Rsync, a lightweight utility designed for high-speed file transfers and file synchronization between two computers, has been a standard app on Unix-based OSs such as Linux and Mac OS X for quite a while now.

However, on Windows, Rsync can be run from the Command Prompt or with the help of an app that bundles a collection of Unix-specific tools and libraries, named Cygwin.

It comes as no surprise then that this might seem a bit too much to handle for the average user. Fortunately, there is an even easier way to take advantage of everything that Rsync has to offer on Windows, with the help of Acrosync.

Sync entire folders with Unix-based machines without the need of third-party server apps

Simply put, Acrosync is a Rsync client for Windows that comes with a straightforward GUI and support for automatic file sync between your machine and a Unix-based one.

As a bonus, the utility also offers you the possibility to backup the contents of your computer by creating hourly snapshots on remote servers.

After a swift installation and upon launching the app for the first time, you are met by a tabbed main window with an empty profile tab.

Intuitive configuration process

All you have to do is type in the server name or IP address, the required username and password, choose the remote and local directories. Next, you are required to choose one of the three sync modes available, namely Download, Upload and Auto Upload. This is a good time to point out that you can also configure the app to run scheduled sync or backup sessions.

Last but not least, the Advanced Options section offers you a quick way to modify the port number, include or exclude specific files or directories in and from the sync process and set up maximum and minimum upload or downloads speeds.

Provides a hassle-free way to take advantage of everything Rsync has to offer

To conclude, Acrosync is a powerful and useful piece of software that provides a straightforward way to sync and backup data to Rsync servers with little to almost no effort on your behalf.

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