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Easily backup, compress and restore SQL server databases and perform various other maintenance tasks, with this intuitive software solution.

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EMS SQL Backup Description

If you are looking for a powerful tool that can help you administer, maintain, backup and restore multiple SQL server databases, you should try EMS SQL Backup.

It is a complex application, designed to offer a complete set of tools for managing and securing your databases, preventing you from losing valuable data.

Backup SQL Server databases

EMS SQL Backup features two main units: the SQL Administration Console and server-side components. The Administration Console is installed on the primary machine, while the components are installed on a server where the SQL Server instance is started.

The application features a navigation window that can be used to manage servers and databases. It displays information in a tree structure and allows you to perform various operations on the displayed objects.

When backing up files, you can specify the size of data blocks manually, should you wish to save them on portable devices that offer limited storage capacity.

Also, you can choose whether data should be appended or overwritten during the backup process. It you choose to append the current backup set, the contents of the previous backup operation remain intact.

Perform various maintenance tasks

Other than backup and restore operations, EMS SQL Backup enables you to perform multiple other maintenance tasks. These include re-indexing, shrinking, updating statistics and many others.

Maintenance tasks can be automated, so that they are executed on a specific schedule. You can also create an action sequence, to have the application perform multiple tasks successively. Also, the program can send e-mail notifications when actions succeed or fail.

Intuitive interface and thorough documentation

The application features an easy-to-use interface, as the main functions are laid out in an intuitive way. It also offers extensive documentation, which is very useful for users who have little experience working with SQL Server databases.

All in all, EMS SQL Backup is a complex application that allows you to backup and restore SQL Server databases, as well as perform various other maintenance tasks. It features an intuitive interface and includes comprehensive documentation.

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