Dahua Smart Player

Analyze the footage recorded by your surveillance cameras frame-by-frame and in a timeline to detect suspicious activity with this app.

  • Dahua Smart Player
  • Version :3.41.0
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Dahua Technology

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Dahua Smart Player Description

Dahua Smart Player is a specialized application that enables you to playback, review, analyze and search for specific frames within the footage captured by your surveillance camera system.

Quick setup and intuitive functionality

The installation is simple and straightforward, particularly as it entails following a few generic steps that you are probably accustomed to. Upon launch, you come face to face with a clean and well-structured interface that consists of 4 main areas. While in the upper section, you can access the main functions and tools, the largest percentage of the UI is dedicated to playing the videos.

You should know that the player allows you to split the viewing are in maximum 36 playback screens, a feature that can come in handy when you are monitoring the activity from all the surveillance cameras connected. Moreover, you can switch between single window view and multiple screen views with just one click.

The program enables you to zoom in specific areas where motion is detected and take snapshots that you can examine more minutely. In addition, you can play the videos in reverse or at high speeds, depending on the type of footage you are analyzing

Supports only a handful of video formats

Even though the utility enables you to view all files available in a folder, it only supports a few media files, namely MP4, MPG and AVI. In case you want to export the files so that you can check them out with other software solutions for instance, then the formats supported include AVI, DAV, JPG and BMP.

The program allows you to add watermarks to the videos, an option that can be useful in situations when you are handling over the footage as evidence. The watermark function can act as a check to determine whether the record files have been tempered with or not, for example.

An app that can help you analyze surveillance footage

In the eventuality that you have an advanced surveillance system that you installed to ensure the security of a large perimeter, then perhaps Dahua Smart Player might be the tool to help you detect suspicious activity or identify unauthorized perpetrators.


  1. the product smart player can not be downloaded. it’s continuously not available for download. are their other steps or instructions that can be useful and helpful for the download to start.

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