32bit FTP

Connect to a FTP server in seconds, download and upload files, and manage all the stored data with this lightweight and intuitive application.

  • 32bit FTP
  • Version:18.06.01
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:ElectraSoft

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32bit FTP Description

32bit FTP is a FTP client that comes with plenty of configuration options and a comprehensive help section.

The multi-panel, but a little cluttered, GUI was developed to make everything a breeze, letting you browse not only the local disks, but also server content.

First and foremost, users are required to set up a FTP server to connect to, with the common details needed, including server address, type, username, password, port, and account.

It however provides a few more features, including Keep Alive, firewall options, passive mode, anonymous logon and more site’s directory at logon.

As said, the multi-panel interface is the one that helps you easily initiate a download or an upload, but a major setback is that drag and drop support does not exist. Which means users have no other option than to double click a file or use the built-in features developed especially in this regard.

The configuration window adopts the same cluttered layout, but you’re still allowed to set up FTP session options and file transfer modes.

One of the good things about 32bit FTP is that it runs in the background without slowing down the system, while working smoothly on all Windows versions. It can perform the common FTP operations, including copy, delete and rename.

All things considered, if you’re looking for an easy way to upload or download files to or from a FTP server, 32bit FTP is one possible solution. It needs some improvements however, including a more user-friendly approach and a redesigned GUI.

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