Advanced system information utility that can retrieve data regarding your computer’s hardware configuration and installed software.

  • Speccy
  • Version : 1.32.740
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Piriform Ltd

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Speccy Description

Speccy is a powerful system information tool that can show detailed stats on your hardware with minimum user input.

Once you launch the app, it automatically scans the computer and displays the information in a very well-organized interface, with the process taking less than a minute.

While the machine is a bit stressed up during this time, the hardware scanning process collects information on every single area of the system, including CPU, RAM, motherboard, graphics, hard drives, audio, peripherals and network.

Obviously, a summary is also available, showing you critical information about every single piece of hardware mentioned above. What’s more, it shows current temperature levels of the CPU and graphic adapters, as well as firewall rules and current TCP connections.

The collected information can be exported to XML or TXT documents on your local disks, while Speccy can also save, load and publish snapshots with just one click.

There are only a few options to play with, but Speccy allows you to see temperature levels in other metric or imperial units, while a dedicated utility allows you to save all settings to INI file.

Online help is also available, although chances are that you don’t need it because most of the features are pretty intuitive and Speccy takes care of the whole task all by itself. The information is displayed in a one-window GUI with absolutely no prior configuration.

Speccy is clearly an interesting project that does exactly what it says and provides plenty of options to all users who launch it. You don’t need to be a computer guru to use it, although advanced knowledge is needed to understand the displayed data. The Internet however is full of information on every piece of hardware.

Speccy Video Guide

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