Perform conversions of the most common measurement units, such as acceleration, light, angle, area or speed with this lightweight and easy to use application.

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UnitConvertor-A Description

Throughout the years, we managed to organize ourselves and created different types of scales by which to guide activities. Intensity values help provide more accuracy, but it can be a bit difficult to work with different units for one activity. In this regard, UnitConvertor-A comes with support for various areas of interest for effortless measurement unit conversion.

An abundance of measurement categories

The application’s visual design is minimal, with all features stored in a classic window frame. Areas you get to work with are accessed from corresponding tabs, and each is fitted with two panels for source and destination info. Additional fields need to be filled in for quantity, and there’s also a precision indicator.

Conversion is done in real time, without having to wait for any process to finish. Quite a large variety of measurement field types can be handled, such as light, mass, power, pressure, speed, temperature, time, torque, volume, force, flow, energy, distance, density, concentration, computer, area, angle, and acceleration.

Little to no export options

Your effort narrows down to selecting category variables and writing down the required amount. The destination field instantly fills with corresponding values, letting you copy them where needed. You can choose to show only intermediate results, or from all sessions.

Unfortunately, there’s no possibility to view past conversion, because there’s no log of events. Each value needs to be copied on the spot for exporting. There aren’t any options to save to file, unless you use the print function along with an installed virtual printer. However, there is a built-in option that automatically saves generated data to clipboard, to make the process a bit faster.

To sum it up

All in all, UnitConvertor-A manages to live up to expectations, and although it feels a little rough around the edges, the scale is tipped in its favor thanks to the abundance of measurement categories. It could have used more export options, or at least a log tracker, but the automatic copy to clipboard needs to suffice.

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