Change DNS Helper Portable

Change the DNS name server of your network adapter to increase the security of online browsing or access blocked and censored websites with this app.

  • Change DNS Helper Portable
  • Version :1.0
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :site2unblock

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Change DNS Helper Portable Description

While it is true that it is more convenient to let your Internet Service Provider run your DNS servers for you, you can consider managing them yourself if you want to take advantage of a variety of features such as speed improvements, more reliability, parental control, phishing protection and access to Geo-blocked content.

Change DNS Helper Portable is a small piece of software that enables you to alter the DNS servers employed by your network adapter so that you can decrease the loading time of websites or improve online browsing.

Comes with an intuitive and easy to navigate GUI

After a straightforward setup, you are welcomed by a small interface that includes only a few features. Although relatively tiny, the UI is clean and user-friendly, so it is unlikely that you could encounter any issues.

The interface is comprised of two tabs, one that includes the features to change your DNS and another where you can access various network tools, including but not limited to ping test, speed test, remote IP address or resetting the TCP/IP stack.

Allows you to modify the DNS server seamlessly

You will be glad to learn that the process of changing the DNS server is quick and easy. To put it simple, you can specify the network adapter, the Internet Protocol version and then choose one of the various DNS servers available.

It is worth mentioning that the program includes several types of servers, so you pick on depending on your needs. Therefore, if you are looking to access websites that are known for containing malware, you can choose a security server. Respectively, if you want to block access to particular sites with inappropriate content, you can opt a server with the Family label, for instance. On a side note, the app cannot find the fastest DNS server automatically and hence, you need to try them all until you find one that can provide you with speed improvements.

A useful tool for managing online browsing

In case you want to overpass web censorship, enjoy the benefits of security features that have not been implemented by your ISP’s DNS servers or make sure your children do not end up on websites that could have a negative impact on them, then you can consider giving Change DNS Helper Portable a try.

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