Adore Softphone

A straightforward software solution that comes in handy when you want to make phone calls directly from your computer to any chosen phone number.

  • Adore Softphone
  • Version :2.0.0
  • License :Shareware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Adore Softphone

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Adore Softphone Description

Softphones are relatively simple applications that enable computers to make VoIP calls to mobile devices and even landline phones, via an SIP service.

Adore Softphone is a powerful utility that features a modern, intuitive interface, supports numerous codecs and provides you with a wide range of useful tools for managing your calls.

Organize your contacts and view the call history

The application includes a simple phone book that can be used to store information about all your contacts. You can enter each person’s name, address, email and pin code, as well as their phone, pager, mobile and fax numbers.

The program also stores all missed, received and dialed calls, so it is quite simple to keep track of all your conversations. The call history can be deleted at any time.

Feature-packed desktop phone

Aside from making basic calls, Adore Softphone enables you to create conferences, hold or transfer calls, and it also includes an Auto Answer function and a Do Not Disturb setting.

Moreover, the program supports up to four lines, and you can redial the last number after finishing a conversation. The call duration is recorded, and both the microphone and speaker volume can be controlled.

Supports a broad range of codecs and allows you to configure multiple accounts

Among the available codecs, we can mention G729, G711 a, G711 u, GSM, Speex/8000, Speex/16000 and Speex 32000. They can be enabled or disabled at any time, and you can also customize the bit rate range.

The application does not restrict you to a single account, as you can set up as many as eight. You need to provide the correct SIP details, username and password when you launch the application, but it can also sign you in automatically.

All in all, Adore Softphone is a reliable, powerful software solution that allows you to perform VoIP calls and offers a decent number of useful functions. It is quite intuitive and features a modern, streamlined interface.

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